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Cask Ales Currently In Stock
(Updated 15/02/2024):

Core Range


Mild (Brown) 

A traditional, old-fashioned Mild. Nutty, chocolatey aroma, with a cherry and plum flavour.

ABV. 3.6%


Crowlas Bitter (Copper) 

A well balanced session bitter. Made with Fuggles, Perle, and Sovereign hops.

ABV. 3.8%

Potion No9.png

Potion No.9 (Gold) 

A light, hoppy session bitter. Pale ale malt, with Fuggles, and Pilgrim hops.

ABV. 4.0%


Crows-An-Wra (Gold) 

A crisp and hoppy ale with a dry finish. Hints of grapefruit.

ABV. 4.3%


Brisons Bitter (Brown) 

A tasty best bitter with Black and Crystal malts. Northdown, Fuggles, and Golding hops. 

ABV. 4.5%


Trink (Gold) 

A crisp, and refreshing tropical golden bitter. Plenty of flavour and aroma from the citra hops.

ABV. 5.2%


I.P.A. (Amber) 

Orange citrus on the palette, with a long, satisfying finish. Centennial and Chinook hops.

ABV. 6.0%

Scilly Stout.png

Scilly Stout (Black) 

Our flavoursome stout. Twice hopped with Sovereign and Northdown, Fuggles and Amarillo.

ABV. 7.0%

Seasonal Range


West Coast Pale (Gold) 

A well balanced, refreshing bitter. Citra, and Centennial hops with Extra Pale malt.

ABV. 4.6%


Wob (Gold) 

The newest addition to the range. Brewed with extra pale malt, and firmly becoming a favourite for many.

ABV. 4.7%


A.P.A. (Gold) 

A golden ale with a smooth, almost creamy mouthfeel. Resinous hops are at the forefront.

ABV. 5.7%

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